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I changed my mind

Okay, the more I look at those selective color photos, the more I don't like them. So let's try this again, but in color.

Tutus & Selective Coloring

I've been busy making tutus and flower headbands, so we just had to try them out on Livi. She was a perfect model today and slept through the whole session.

3 Weeks Old!

Just practicing today with Livi & Hailey. Aren't they sweet?

Three Little Cuties

Just a few from a fun session tonight with three little cuties. Thanks Steph, I hope you like them.

My Girl

After much bribing (a new shirt & dinner at Subway), I finally got her to actually let me take some photos of her. I had to "practice" for my real shoot tomorrow.


I thought it would be fun to start a blog to showcase some of my photos. Some will be "professional" and some will be snapshots. Here are a few from the 4th of my new favorite subject, Livi.