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Meet Reiley from Caldwell High

Reiley and her mom made the trek over to Weiser today for a fun senior picture session. I found out very early that Reiley is not a fan of anything that crawls or flies - BUGS! Other than a few spiders or the swarm of boxelder bugs we had to walk through, it wasn't too bad!

Meet Ashli from Homedale High School

What a beautiful girl! And itsn't it exciting that the colors of fall are starting to show themselves?

The Farmer Family

Okay, I'll be honest and say that I have been a little nervous to photograph this very large (very wonderful) family. I have never done a session with 10 kids before! But they were so fun - as you will see from their pictures.

I love the kids' faces in this one . . .

I bet you would have never guessed that these three lovely ladies are triplets!

The Foote Family

I had so much fun doing this session. We went to some great locations, the lighting was perfect and the family was game for anything. I have some new all-time favorites . . .

Almost everyone had on flip-flops so I had them toss their shoes off to do some barefoot pics. One of the girls said,"Get it? Our last name is Foote!" So we had lots of fun getting "foote" pics ;o)

Lori - you must have been a cheerleader, huh? I love, love, love jumping pics!

Sadee from Fruitland High

Sadee gets a gold star today for being such a trooper. In rained on us through most of her session and everything was wet & muddy. But you wouldn't know it by her smile.

Look what I just bought -

I was so excited to find this "treasure". We went and looked at this morning and I just couldn't pass it up. My husband thinks I'm crazy, because I am going to put it in our yard, but I think it is going to be so awesome! We have about a 1/2 acre that we are landscaping this fall so I will have an outdoor studio. It will have large boulders, LOTS of trees, flowers, and an old red truck ;o)

Sneak Peek for the Burke Fam . . .

I had the pleasure of photographing the Burke Family for the second time. You may remember these cute boys from last fall. They had a beautiful back yard and a pretty awesome weed patch across the road!

Don't you just love this one? It cracks me up!

This one makes me smile -This one too -