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Another Beautiful Senior Girl. . .

Another freezing cold session! Boy, am I ready for some warmer weather. But we braved the elements and found a cool new location. So it was all worth it!

Kylee - Round 2

This was Kylee's second session. We were hoping for nice spring weather, but no such luck. Lots of wind, some rain, and cold, cold, cold! Does she have gorgeous eyes or what?

Guess What We Did Today?

Chloe has been begging me to take her snowboarding so I gave in and decided spring break would be a good time to drive up to Brundage. Cortlyn took up snowboarding right before Christmas and absolutely loves it. On the last run of the day, I busted out my camera and got some good actions shots. Since it was Chloe's first day, she was not in the mood to have her picture taken. In fact, she is laying down right now with an ice pack on her wrist. Snowboarding is very hard on the wrists! (and the rear, and the legs!)

We laughed so hard . . .

When we sat Livi down, she didn't cry this time, but she stuck her right leg straight out and would not let it touch the grass. The left one , not a problem, but the right one was not going down for anything!

Just a snapshot of all the cousins on Easter. Can you tell who does not want to be in the picture?

And just a couple of my kids who never want their picture taken.

She Loves Me . . .

She Loves Me NOT!

Actually it is getting better. Livi pretty much cries everytime I try to hold her, especially if she can see or hear her mom. But today we played for about 30 minutes and the only time she cried was when we tried to put her in the grass - she was having none of that! Don't you just love her hair bow? You can see lots more like this one if you check out the ETSY link on the side bar of my blog.

Yep, you guessed it...

Another Senior. This is Melissa and she braved the rain to get her senior pictures.

I think this one is so cute!

She also brought her boyfriend and we got some of them together - Isn't that sweet?

Wanna See Something Cool?

Seniors are my favorite subjects to shoot (photograph) and I have been really researching ways to offer products that they will love. This is something really cool that I will be offering soon with certain packages. It can be posted on My Space accounts, blogs, etc.

Lovin' me some Black & White!

We took lots of great color images as well, but these are my favorites!

Tis the Season . . .

For Senior Pictures! Today I got to go to the "upper country" and take Taylor's senior pictures. His family owns this great little restaurant right before Brownlee Reservoir. If you haven't been there, check it out - It's a beautiful drive! We had some great backrops and one very cool prop - his '72 Nova! Very cool Car.

Drum Roll Please . . .

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A Fun Weekend!

I took a little road trip to Twin Falls this weekend and spent some time with family & friends. Except for the 30 mile an hour winds, snow, sleet, & freezing temperatures, we had a blast on Saturday. I went out with my good friend & her beautiful daughter and we did a practice round for her senior pictures. She is only a junior this year, so we were just warming up for the real thing! Twin Falls was the most awesome place to take pictures - old buildings, colored doors, and beautiful canyons (even this time of year). It just makes my heart flutter talking about it! Anyway, I have lots to share because she was such a natural in front of the camera - Enjoy!