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Sweet Sweet Kayce

Isn't she beautiful?

Yet Another Hickey Family

What a sweet family - I am working hard to get everything edited. Here is a sneak peak of some of my favorites so far.

Even though Maggie's eyes are closed, this is just so sweet!

The Blackwell Family


Wow, 3 seniors in 3 hours! We went all over town and thanks to Kolby (and his parents) we found a really cool new spot down by the river.


Here you go Becca. Kolby - you're next!


Poor Joe, his mom made him get senior pictures twice! It's torture even once, but he was a good sport and we got some nice pictures.

Some great looking kids . . .

And a very cool old truck!

And some more...

I think this may be one of my new favorites!

I'm going to be so sad . . .

When winter comes and all of these beautiful fall leaves are gone. This has always been my favorite time of year. This sweet family drove over from Meridian, and thank goodness the weather cooperated!

Just sharing some more from the Hickey Family - The biggest family yet that I have photographed. And a big Thank You to my sis for making all the silly noises to get Lucy & Tobie to smile (or at least look)- I owe you!

The Gentry Kids - Part 2

After we did the tradition fall leaves photos, we decided to head downtown and get some fun shots.

You have to know Brekken to appreciate this one - She's the baby of the family, the only girl, and full of spunk!

So many pictues to edit . . . So little time!

Here is just a little preview for Jason & Mel. These were some of my favorites so far.

A Sneak Peak

This is for my wonderful cousin and her beautiful kiddos! Gunnar & Jordan weren't really "diggin" all of the posing and leaning against cobweb covered abandoned buildings, but Miss Brekken made up for it. She was quite the little model!