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Drum Roll Please . . .

The Announcement you have all been waiting for . . .

My New Senior Website! Yeah, I finally have a website just for seniors. If you have a senior and would like to book a session, check out my site, then give me a call. I am booking appointments for September & October. This is a great time to get those beautiful fall portraits. The link is at the top of my blog, just below my logo.

I've been a bad blogger!

With two weddings this month, I really didn't schedule very many family sessions, thus my lack of blogging. But definitely stay tuned, I have tons of shoots scheduled for August! I am traveling to Twin Falls this weekend to do some seniors, so that will be lots of fun. In the meantime, I thought I would share a fun project that I have been working on for the past few months. My friends, Shawna & Chris have developed the coolest way to "go green"! It is a very stylish, reusable shopping bag system. I have been taking lots of pictures for them to use in their marketing and I thought I would share a few with you. These would make awesome Christmas or Birthday presents and they are made right here in the good ol' USA! The link to their website (iTySE - Saving the Planet in Style) is at the very bottom of my blog - so please, check them out!

Meagan + Kyle

We had an amazing time at Meagan & Kyle's wedding Friday. Don't forget to check our wedding blog to see more. This was taken the night before at the rehearsal.
And one from the wedding . . .

Do you need a smile?

I came across this video last night and at first I thought "what the heck is this", but as I kept watching, I couldn't help but smile. After all the "junk" we see everyday on the news, this is a nice change of pace. Enjoy . . .

Sneak Peak for the Sneak Peak . . .

Sonnet & I have been working very hard editing the hundreds of the pictures from our first wedding. Kylee & Cody were just an amazing couple with amazing friends & family. For those of you checking in, we will have lots posted on our blog tomorrow! In the mean time, here's just a couple . . .

Beautiful Kylee

The whole gang at the temple in Idaho Falls

Kylee's very sweet sister Teryn, her husband Russ, and Claira, aka "one of the cutest flower girls ever".

Five Years Old!

It doesn't seem like Matthew & Andrew can be five already! But as we all know, they do grow up fast. We did this session for a birthday present for their mom, who is home in Nebraska on bedrest with baby #4.

And of course we had to get some of their adorable little sister Hannah . . .

Grandma Kelly was telling knock-knock jokes for this one . . .

Remember Ky?

That was then (about 7 months ago) . . .
And this is now . . .
Isn't he just sweet?


Just some recent ones of Livi

Don't forget to check Lindsi's etsy site (the link is in the sidebar). She has been making these cute dresses out of vintage linens.

Cody & Kylee, Part II

Remeber these lovebirds from a few months ago? Sonnet & I had the best time traveling with them to Idaho Falls for a bridal session. Check out our wedding blog to see more.

My new favorite pose . . .

So, my last few sessions have included two year olds. Two year olds are amazing, BUT they do not like to sit still and look at the camera. I love this shot and it works great with little kids. I just love how Chase's little feet frame his face ;o)

I usually have a pretty high success rate with this one as well . .

Awe, isn't that sweet?
This might just be one of the cutest things I have ever seen - She was playing in the pond and didn't realize it dropped off - very suddenly. So she got soaking wet, and we all started laughing. Poor thing, we made her cry and that was the end of our session.

Meet Olivia, aka Princess

It was so cute to watch this family (which I am related to, by the way) interact with Olivia. She is the only grandchild so far and she RULES! She has grandma and grandpa wrapped around her little finger, but who can blame them, she's a cutie for sure!

I bet you've never done this for your family picture . . .